I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password, please go to the panel login site and click on “Forgot your password?”. You then will be prompted to enter your email address that you use to receive surveys. A reset code will be sent to your email which enables you to create a new password. Please be patient as emails will take a few minutes to reach you. If the email does not arrive, please check your spam/junk folder. Many spam filters will put legitimate emails in the spam filter.

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, log in to your panel account. You will find your settings on the right side once you have entered your account.

  • Scroll down through the settings until you reach your email address.

  • Click the blue arrow Enter your new email address

  • Enter your password Click "Update"

  • You will then receive a confirmation message that your email address has been changed.

  • Please note: For security, redeeming your rewards will be disabled for 7 days after this change. Changing your email will also log you out of all devices.

How do I view my account balance?

To view your balance, log in to your panel account and click on "Rewards".

How do I edit my profile information?

You will find your settings on the right side once you have entered your account. In this section you will be able to update your profile information.


How do I redeem my rewards?

To redeem your rewards, log in to your panel account and click on "Rewards". If you have reached the minimum level to make a payout you will be able to select your preferred payment method from the list of available options for your panel. Click on the "Redeem" button and then "I agree". Your payout transaction will then change to status "pending" in your payment activity. Once the payment is processed and sent to you the status will change to "success". Please allow up to 4 business days for your reward to be processed. You should look out for an email with your reward (remember to check your spam/promotions folders). Once the payments have processed, they will show on the Rewards section in your account. Have you redeemed within 10 days after you completed your first survey, we will withhold your payments for 10 business days before it will process. This is one of many security measures Cint has taken to fight fraud.

How do I know which PayPal account my payment will go into?

All PayPal payments are paid out to the PayPal account with the same email address that is registered with the panel used for receiving surveys. If you already have a PayPal account with a different email address, it is possible to connect the one you use to receive surveys as PayPal does allow up to 8 email addresses in total to be associated with one PayPal account. If you do not wish to connect another email address to your PayPal account, you can change the email address you use to receive surveys to the one you are using for your PayPal account.

How to redeem Gcode?

In order to register with GCodes, you need to redeem your balance using the payment option available of GCodes. After redeeming you will receive your code/claim URL through your email (remember to check your spam folder as well) that will direct you to the GCodes website, you will be prompted to redeem the code and will then be able to register the account. If you are using OpinionAPP you will also find the payment available by selecting the Rewards tab. More information can be found in their FAQ:

What should I do if I haven’t received my reward payment?

Please remember to allow up to 4 business days to receive your reward payment before reaching out for help. Make sure to check the inbox for the email address you have signed up to the panel with, including any spam/promotions folders. If you use OpinionApp, check the Rewards tab of the app to see any voucher codes you have been sent. If you still haven’t received your payment after this time, then you should contact Cint through the “submit a request

How to obtain Amazon payment gift code?

When your Amazon payment transaction has been processed you will receive an email providing you with your Claim URL Link. Please either click on the Claim URL link itself or copy and paste the link into your browser.

I redeemed a reward, can I change it?

Unfortunately, once a reward has been redeemed we are unable to exchange it, refund it, or cancel a pending transaction.For future payments, please check your panel account for other payment options that may be available for you to redeem your rewards.


Why do I not receive any surveys?

Surveys are sent automatically to your email or display in the OpinionAPP when your profile matches the requirements of the survey. We recommend that you take some time to update your profile with up to date information so it’s easier for us to match your profile with more surveys. When updating your profile, you also have the opportunity to select your optimal survey frequency. The frequency may also vary depending on the needs of our clients.

Why do surveys ask for a postcode?

Market research companies create targeted surveys in hopes of reaching specific demographics for their studies, location is one aspect of the demographics used as many surveys are location specific and require responses from residents of their target area.

How often do I have to participate?

To remain an active panel member, we recommend that you participate frequently in surveys that are sent to you. Participation is voluntary and if you decide not to participate in a survey simply click on the decline link.

Why was I paid less than stated on an invitation & put into another survey?

This typically occurs when you were invited to a survey that may have closed, reached its quota for people matching your profile or was disqualified shortly after you started it and you were routed /invited/ to another survey which was more suitable for you. You were informed about incentives and asked to accept or decline before the start. Since you accepted it, after completing you were rewarded properly to what was stated in the description for that particular survey.

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